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spirit guides
tools for personal reflections and growth

cards, book and cd



would you like to...
 - have a dialog with your soul?
 - investigate who you are?
 - contact your accumulated wisdom
 - understand why you question?
 - enjoy the adventure of life?
 - understand your intentions?
 - find peace in your challenges?

"spiritguides will help you discover the marvel and mystery of the gifts that reside within you
and enable you to find that place of silence and focus, so you can make a connection
to the knowledge deep within your being." -jack scott, spiritguides author

meditation cards, book and cd

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spiritguides meditation cards
with blessings

becoming i am
with reflections

-blessings and reflections by jack scott, artwork by emily scott and melissa kornicki-

set includes 50 laminated cards with original artwork and blessings along with the becoming i am companion book of reflections in a cotton, zippered bag
(including shipping)

upon purchasing the set, we are offering a complimentary mini reading by jack scott.
please call for an appointment after you receive your set.

special - buy the cards, book and cd for $80 (including shipping)

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also available as a companion to the book and cards: a cd of the becoming i am blessings which share a common reflective word with the book. the blessings are accompanied by an ambient, sonic tapestry of electronic and percussive sounds suitable for meditation, relaxation and stress reduction. (cd track numbers correspond with book so you can easily follow along.)

downlaod a sample reading
(mp3 file)

spiritguides cd with music by steve kornicki and narrated blessings by jack scott - $16 (including shipping)

special - buy the cards, book and cd for $80 (including shipping)

cd of kornicki's meditative music of becoming i am, without spoken narrative - $10
download sample music
(mp3 file)

online ordering will be available soon.
until then, we will pay the shipping on your spiritguides order!

please call 724-443-0202 or email to place an order.

seek what you need. accept what you find. modify to accomplish your goals.


a spiritguides interaction is a process that allows us to simultaneously communicate and question our selves, our soul, and the infinite sources available. it stimulates the creative, reflective, intuitive nature of who we are. spiritguides lead us to access the deepest of knowings that reside within us, encourage the application of a creative thought process to our physical lives, and enable us to view the essence of our spiritual nature. this process will create paths to choices which will lead you to your solutions.

experience a personal spiritguides interaction with jack scott by phone or at our studio:
mini readings - 15 minutes for $15.00
full readings - 1 hour for $60.00
additional reading time - $1.00 per minute
(we gladly accept personal checks, visa, mastercard and discover.)

please call 724-443-0202 or email to schedule a spiritguides interaction.
ask about our free introductory "mini-reading" with your spiritguides purchase.

participate in an adventure of beauty and knowledge with nature.


through your spiritguides, you will learn to:
access your spirit,
define your goals,
distill your questions, guidance, and awareness,
organize and group your priorities,
review your goals,
understand intention and its application.

"we will help you learn to use the spiritguides meditation cards, book and cd so you can turn your awareness into questions in order to see beyond the superficial. then you will be able to balance your physical and spiritual needs through beauty, mystery and information to understand your knowing, and above all, to have trust in your abilities." -jack scott, spiritguides author and workshop facilitator

please call 724-443-0202 or email for more information on our spiritguides workshops at our studio or to schedule author jack scott as a speaker at your location or event.

enjoy an adventure of self discovery on your discovery path and offer yourself the opportunity to investigate what you might become.

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