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"spiritguides will help you discover the marvel and mystery of the gifts that reside within you and enable you to find that place of silence and focus, so you can make a connection to the knowledge deep within your being." -jack scott, spiritguides author

The body questions, the spirit knows the destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are SPIRITGuides? You will use the DISCOVERYPath SPIRITGuides (cards) and Becoming I Am, the Book of Reflections. This is a self-enrichment process which offers you a means and tools to create questions that, when answered, give you a new perspective with options and multiple choices to apply to your needs.

How does this work?   The process acknowledges and operates on the premise that no question can exist for which an answer does not already exist - that a question and answer are a unity, opposite parts of the same thing.

How can I benefit? By recognizing that you can choose to use or not use your intuition, imagination, creativity and intellect to address your choices.

What does this cost and how do I pay? Less that $1.00 per choice (card). Click here to see a price list.   You establish a personal secure account with your credit card through PayPal. We never have your credit card data.

What do I get? Unlimited time to make your choices, the ability to journal and print your questions, options and feelings which includes the images you chose and an optional choice of a reflection from the Book of Reflections, Becoming I Am

Why was this site created? To provide a private, intimate, non-rushed environment for introspection and to establish your intention to find options and answers to your private issues and questions.

How can I move to the next level? By attending one of our workshops, having a personal interaction, or a private SPIRITGuide Reiki session. Jack also offers the service of his interpretation of your SPIRITPath 7 adventure.

What other products and services are offered? Products: Artwork, Birth Totem cards, Birth Totem Profiles, SPIRITGuides, Becoming I Am: A Book of Reflections, CDs and DVDs of meditative art and music. Services: Personal interactions, SPIRITGuide Reiki, workshops, speaking engagements.

Who created SPIRITGuides and DISCOVERYPath? Jack and Emily Scott. Emily ( is a fine arts major who was a “teaching artist”. She has developed and taught creative programs from preschool through college-level. The past eight years have been devoted to her “Discovery” series. Her work is a combination of nature, art, Spirit and feelings to create a “field of all possibilities.” Emily’s work tells stories and teaches us about ourselves. Jack ( is an environmentalist, speaker, writer, engineer and business executive, who has spent the last 17 years integrating natural world realities with the bodies of knowledge produced by science. He is the developer and author of DISCOVERYPath SPIRITGuides and Becoming I Am, the Book of Reflections. His unique style creates a celebration of the gifts we have and those we can choose to develop.


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