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did you know you have the support of animal totems? all animals have unique characteristics, energies and lessons giving you direction on your life path. your path consists of your life choices and spiritual energies combined with gifts from those with whom you share the earth. discoverypath offers you several opportunities to explore the impact and significance of your totems.

the discoverypath artists have created digital artwork which represents, visually, the energies and messages of animals. perhaps you feel an affinity with a certain animal - that animal may have lessons to teach you. perhaps you see certain animals often. for instance, has deer crossed your path lately? deer is telling you to apply gentleness and sensitivity rather than force to your current situation(s) - unconditional love is the answer. the animals you see each day have lessons which may apply to a specific, current situation or may be gentle reminders for the future. similarly, our framed prints are visual meditations or representations of the animals that are important to you. click here to see our artcards note cards featuring some of our prints.

we also now have discoverypath spiritguides meditation cards with blessings, becoming i am book and cd.

did you know you also have a totem animal associated with your birth month and day? for example, if you were born between september 22 and october 22, your birth totem animal is crow and you are a member of the butterfly (air) clan. the characteristics and attributes of the animals representing the time of your birthdate on the native american medicine wheel are your birth gifts. our birth totem prints, and greeting cards are visual representations of your animal and clan.

we have birth totem profiles which are textual print-outs of the information associated with your birth totem. an individual profile is specific to one person, a partnership compares two people and a group gives you an idea of how more than two people, perhaps a family, workgroup or committee, may function together. in addition we have created visual representations of your birth totem, available matted or matted and framed.

our earthlinks jewelry was designed so you can have specific animal and mineral energies with you wherever you go. you choose the specific totems you would like to wear and attach them to a pin.

all of the other gift items in our studio are handcrafted by artists who share a love and respect for all of creation. these items include gold, sterling and mineral jewelry, smoked pottery, unique clocks, native american shields, lakota indian beaded work, native american flutes and drums, garden sculptures and mobiles and more. see our other art page.

if there are items or animals you are particularly interested in, email and let us know, and we will put them on the sketch pad for you. also, be sure to visit the sketch pad to see our monthly specials.

another unique gift idea from discoverypath

celebrate good times and create everlasting memories with
photo collages by the artists of phoenix specialties studio.
do you have a lot of great photographs but not enough space or time to adequately display them?
all you have to do is give us your favorite photographs and we will do the rest . . .
we create framed, digital prints combining your photographs with personalized text and artwork. (your photos will be returned to you.)

about us

the originators of discoverypath consider ourselves artists, communicators, animal & nature lovers, environmentalists, and technologists. our team consists of husband and wife, jack and emily scott and associate, melissa kornicki. jack is an engineer and business consultant, and emily is an artist and teacher. melissa is a former high school art student of emily's who began working at phoenix specialties studio in 1994 after graduating from kent state with a degree in advertising. our unique synergism allows us to visually portray that which is very important to us all.
we combine our experiences, educations and talents to produce the ever-expanding discoverypath line.
phoenix specialties studio is a working studio - in addition to the display, sale and creation of artwork, we design, lay out and produce promotional materials (business cards, brochures, web sites, flyers, etc) and design information and graphics systems to meet your business and personal needs.
we would love to meet you! visit us or email

discoverypath introduction and site tour

artwork birth totem profiles photo collages clothing/cards other art

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