call 724-443-0202 or email for more information or to make an appointment. if you would like to be on our mailing list for up-coming events, please e-mail us your e-mail and/or mailing address.

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reiki treatments by debbie donoghue
a reiki treatment is a wonderful way of achieving deep relaxation, emotional clarity and relief from physical discomforts. reiki accelerates the healing process and can help release patterns in our body that may cause illness. please call 724-443-0202 for an appointment. $65 for an hour


spiritguides card readings by jack scott

a spiritguides interaction is a process that allows us to simultaneously communicate and question our selves, our soul, and the infinite sources available. it stimulates the creative, reflective, intuitive nature of who we are. spiritguides lead us to access the deepest of knowings that reside within us, encourage the application of a creative thought process to our physical lives, and enable us to view the essence of our spiritual nature. this process will create paths to choices which will lead you to your solutions.

experience a personal spiritguides interaction with jack scott by phone or at our studio:
mini readings - 15 minutes for $15.00
full readings - 1 hour for $60.00
additional reading time - $1.00 per minute
(we gladly accept personal checks, visa, mastercard and discover.)

please call 724-443-0202 or email to schedule a spiritguides interaction.
ask about our free introductory "mini-reading" with your spiritguides purchase.

------------ spiritguides workshop or speaker jack scott ------------

through your spiritguides, you will learn to:
access your spirit,
define your goals,
distill your questions, guidance, and awareness,
organize and group your priorities,
review your goals,
understand intention and its application.

"we will help you learn to use the spiritguides meditation cards, book and cd so you can turn your awareness into questions in order to see beyond the superficial. then you will be able to balance your physical and spiritual needs through beauty, mystery and information to understand your knowing, and above all, to have trust in your abilities." -jack scott, spiritguides author and workshop facilitator

please call 724-443-0202 or email for more information on our spiritguides workshops at our studio or to schedule author jack scott as a speaker at your location or event.

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reiki classes with debbie donoghue
reiki i, ii, advanced, master/teacher level classes are offered. please call 724-443-0202 for more information.

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flower essence therapy and consultation with judy stipanovich
flower essences work gently and effectively on a person's energy field to assist an individual in achieving a more balanced mind and body. they are particularly helpful when working with stress and anxiety, self-esteem issues and transitions. creativity, clarity and spiritual awareness are also supported by some of them. for example, cactus flower is soothing for those who are feeling overwhelmed. passion flower supports intuitive awareness. the essences are natural, containing only small amounts of red shiso (an herb) and alcohol as preservatives. they are not fragrant and are not to be confused with essential oils which are used for aromatherapy. call to make an appointment for a half hour consultation ($35). judy will then create a unique blend of flower essences for you.

call 724-443-0202 or e-mail dpath@consolidated.netfor more information or to make an appointment. if you would like to be on our mailing list for up-coming events, please e-mail us your e-mail and/or mailing address.

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